how it works…

In 4 steps you will have your mobile power plants up and running!


Open the container
 and unload the first elements

Unload the SOLAR CONTAINER at the installation site, open the doors and use the marked elements, which are loaded at the sides, to build the base for pulling the PV unit out of the Container. 


Pull the PV Unit
out of the container 

After the base has been securly installed, the PV unit can be pulled out of the container.
A common car can be used!


Install rails and secure the foundation

Now it is time to build the rails. 
All needed elements are packed on the PV unit. Leveling is easy due to the integrated hight adjustment system.
The elements on the ground can be filled with oniste material to gain extra weight.


Unfold the PV field
and start generating!

Unfold the PV field by pulling at the first row and release them pair by pair.
You are all set – start generating!
The container could be removed now – due to the design any high cube container can be used later on!